Can learning about tax code be entertaining? Absolutely. Tax guru, Vern Hoven’s Federal Tax Update webcasts have been getting rave reviews from CPAs nationwide. It’s no wonder that this series has been one of CPE Link’s most popular programs. Of course the content is first rate. Vern produces one of the most comprehensive tax update manuals in the industry. His in-depth coverage of every new legislative change is exactly what tax practitioners need to get ready for tax season. But, beyond that, Vern’s enthusiasm for the subject combined with a very entertaining video presentation makes for a most enjoyable way to get your annual tax update.

Word of warning: Be ready for Vern’s often corny jokes. Comments on the evaluation often make mention of Vern’s wise cracks—in a positive way (mostly). One attendee commented, “Vern’s goofy humor kept me going at times.” Another: “Vern’s humor makes the course enjoyable as well as educational.” Of course, co-instructor, EA William Roos brings a more series attitude to the presentation, answering all participant questions throughout the webcast. He often does extra research during the breaks to bring back exact tax code references. Educational and entertaining—what a great combination!