I just read about a recent association conference that was supposed to be held in Washington DC earlier this month, but was cancelled due to an unexpected blizzard. Not so unusual, right? True, it’s certainly not the first time an event has been affected by the weather. Conference speakers and attendees often face delayed or cancelled flights and other travel woes. But in this case, technology was able to salvage some of the program. Some of the conference organizers declared that the “show must go on” and rallied the equipment needed to take the program online. How awesome is that? These people figured out a way to deliver the information–another way.

Of course you don’t have to wait for a snow storm to enjoy the convenience of CPE delivered online. You can take some (or all) of your courses online all year round. Stay home and forget about fighting the weather or the traffic. You can get your CPE without leaving the office with the added benefit of not giving up your whole day for CPE. As some recent CPE Link attendees declared: “I loved being able to do this from home!” and “I love this at-home web CPE!”

As convenient as web-based CPE is when the snow is deep, it’s not just a winter solution. Learning online is the up and coming way to earn your CPE. See ya this spring!