Online training in its various forms has been around for decades. However, it did not show up in the mainstream of continuing education offerings for accountants until very recently.

Of course the traditional full day seminar and conference continues to be the leading format for CPE audiences. But, online CPE (webinars, specifically) are beginning to gain a greater share of the audience. Most CPE providers (both State CPA Societies and for profit CPE organizations) are now offering webinars as a regular part of their curriculum.

CPE Link, a purely online CPE provider, can attest to this growing interest in the webcast format. Nearly every presentation draws first-timers trying out the online learning format. Here’s what the newbies are saying:

• “This is my first for a webinar; I found it very relaxing and informative.”

• “This is my first webinar with you and I was pleased with the ability to interact with the hosts.”

• “I enjoyed the online format for instruction with the interactive option of submitting questions.”

• “My first webcast – loved it, new devotee.”

• “This was my first webinar of this sort. I enjoyed the format and instructor.”

• “This was my first webinar and I was VERY pleased! I will definitely do more of these in the future!”

• This was the first time my office did a CPE this format and we are extremely pleased. ”

• “Excellent presentation. Webcast format was great (and convenient).”

• Good course – so convenient to not have to leave the office!!!”

• “I loved being able to do this from home! I will sign up for more of these in the future.”

• “Love this live format–so much easier and economical for us”

Haven’t tested the webcast waters? Come on in. The water’s fine.