Keeping up to date on all the changes in the accounting world just got easier!

Introducing the Quarterly Accounting and Auditing Update Reference Guide written by Patricia L. Williams, CPA, MS.

This new, one-of-a-kind reference system is designed to provide quarterly updates of new standards from the AICPA’s Auditing Standards Board and Accounting and Review Services Committee, from the Financial Accounting Standards Board and from other standard-setting committees and organizations.

The Reference Guide contains the important requirements of recently issued pronouncements and, most importantly, examples in selected pronouncements to help you apply the requirements in practice.

Focusing on accounting, auditing and reporting issues with wide practice applications, this reference aid will benefit non-governmental accountants in public accounting and private industry.

The Reference Guide is available for download in PDF format and may be reproduced on an unlimited basis for use within the office of subscriber. When you subscribe you will receive access to an initial copy plus three completely updated quarterly guides covering one year. Each quarterly Reference Guide will contain a topical index and include the following updates:

  • Pronouncements that become effective in the current quarter
  • Pronouncements that will become effective within the next year
  • Proposed pronouncements with wide practice application
  • Other issues of interest to the accounting professional

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