As a CPA, you can be a key member of your client’s “estate planning team.” You can help develop estate planning programs with your clients in order to preserve and manage family wealth, including closely-held business interests as well as investment assets.

With the “estate and GST tax gap” in 2010 and uncertainty as to new legislation and its impact on estate planning, all plans of families with significant wealth should be reviewed and likely updated or improved.

To help you get up to speed on estate planning, valuation and pass-through entities, CPE Link is offering a trio of live webcasts taught by veteran estate planner, Owen Fiore, JD. Owen brings 40+ years of tax and estate planning practice experiences, dealing with new imperatives in Estate Planning, Valuation planning for family wealth (including closely-held businesses), and the best uses of Pass-Through Entities (FLPs, LLCs and S Corporations). Owen provides comprehensive materials for each presentation with references to current case law.

The July schedule include:

7/16: Estate Planning for 2010 and Beyond

7/26: Using Valuation Concepts & Issues in Tax Planning

7/28: FLPs, LLCs and S Corporations

Register for the 3 course Family Wealth Preservation Value Bundle and save! Earn 12 CPE hours.