AccountingWEB Blogger, Brian Strahle recently posted a piece entitled “Tax Seminars: Are We Having Fun Yet?” where he asks this question in regard to tax seminars: Why do they have to be boring? I contend that tax training does NOT need to be boring and I have proof!

Federal Tax Updates
At CPE Link, we are so pleased to work with Vern Hoven, the guru of Federal Tax Updates, to offer interactive, engaging and entertaining education covering changes in the tax code. This program is really premium stuff. Vern is the consummate professional speaker. First of all, he puts a tremendous amount of work into updating his tax manual each year—ensuring attendees get the most up-to-date information. Next, he carefully scripts his presentation, intentionally plugging in funny “comments” that offer some needed comic relief from the in-depth coverage of the tax code.

In 2009, Vern’s 16-hour Federal Tax Update program, delivered in four 4-hour webcast sessions received excellent ratings from participants. These scores reflected the quality of Vern’s top-notch tax information, but the attendees also loved the entertaining delivery! Don’t take my word for it. Here are some comments from the evaluations:

• “Vern’s humor makes the course enjoyable as well an educational.”
• “Vern’s goofy humor kept me going at times.”
• “Guy was hilarious!!!!”
• “The course was relevant, very informative, and entertaining. Mr. Hoven and Mr. Roos are excellent instructors.”
• “Great presentation on a dry topic.”

The advertising for this course describes Vern’s program as taught in a “high-tech and often humorous” manner, so attendees are tipped off to expect something a little different from this tax program even before it begins. Due to the popularity of last year’s webcasts, in 2010 more sessions will be offered.

The 2010 Federal Tax Updates start in November. I can’t wait to hear the new jokes!