This year brought an onslaught of Federal tax changes designed to spur economic recovery. As if that were not enough, the November ballot in California contained five propositions with tax implications, stemming from challenges the state has had in recent years in reaching a balanced budget.

Federal taxes have been on a wild ride this year, with six new tax laws taking effect. CPAs with clients residing in California also need to stay up to date on the state’s tax situation.

CPE Link’s upcoming California Tax Update webcast will provide an overview of statutory, regulatory, and judicial developments affecting taxpayers residing or doing business in California. Instructor Annette Nellen, CPA, Esq., will address income and franchise taxes, sales and use taxes, and some local taxes. She will also discuss what may be expected on 2011 agenda, based on the 2010 voting trends. For example, other states have taken steps to broaden the reach of sales tax in ecommerce transactions. Is California likely to follow suit?

Annette Nellen is director of the Masters of Science in Taxation program at San Jose State University. She has served on the Executive Tax Committee and the Individual Taxation Technical Resource Panel of the AICPA and is a frequent speaker on e-commerce and tax policy and reform topics.

California Tax Update webcasts will be held December 9, January 6, and January 12.

California tax practitioners now have the option to sign up for a Package of Tax Training from CPE Link that includes the four-part Federal Tax Update webcast series and a California Tax update. A total of 18 CPE hours.