What is Twitter good for?
a) Helping people organize a grassroots revolution against a dictator?
b) Giving public figures enough rope to hang their reputations?
c) Promoting a teen idol’s latest album?
d) Absolutely nothing if you’re a CPA?

If you’re thinking “all of the above,” you might want to reconsider, at least about (d).
According to WeFollow, a directory of Twitter Users, there are 681 users who list Accounting as their interest. These include industry media, such as AICPA News (with 7,267 followers) and AccountingWEB (with 4,168 followers).

Some state CPA associations are on Twitter—the Alabama Society of CPAs has more than 1,200 followers. You might expect educators and consultants to use Twitter, and they do. Michelle Golden, for example, who teaches CPAs and others about social media, has more than 3,000 followers.

Some individual practitioners are using Twitter, as well. If you’d like to see who they are and how they are doing, you can look up “Accounting” on WeFollow. CPE Link is on Twitter, too.

How are accountants and accounting organizations using Twitter? “They are using Twitter for business research, network building, marketing, recruitment, reputation management, idea sharing, regulation monitoring and much more,” says Garrett Wasny, an award-winning speaker, professional development consultant, author, columnist, and former management consultant for Price Waterhouse in Vancouver, Canada.

Twitter might be worth another look. Tweet tweet.