In a previous post, Garrett Wasny listed ways in which accounting and finance professionals are using Twitter to good advantage. Because his specialty is professional development consulting for accountants, we followed up and asked him how social media has changed the way he conducts his own business. Here is Garrett’s very interesting list—contrasting the old days (before social media) with the new ways (after social media).

Says Garrett:
“I use social media to—

Improve my marketing:
Old: static business cards
New: dynamic LinkedIn profile

Boost my professional development:
Old: magazines subscriptions
New: RSS feeds

Enhance communications with customers and colleagues:
Old: zero access to top decision-makers
New: now, directly connect and eavesdrop using Twitter

Accelerate workflow and productivity:
Old: Travel
New: Virtual meetings and webinars

Help me recruit:
Old: newspaper ads
New: LinkedIn candidate search

Find new gigs and jobs:
Old: public library research
New: follow companies on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Make me a smarter shopper and cut costs:
Old: hard copy catalogs
New: Red Laser app on mobile phone

Create new business models and revenue streams:
Old: only banks loaned money
New: peer-to-peer lending marketplaces provide lending and borrowing opportunities

Improve Google ranking:
Old: launch website and hope users find me
New: Every mention of my name on social media raises profile and boosts search results”

How are you using social media in your firm?