Don’t you just hate performance appraisals? Too often–

  • They discourage teamwork and collaboration
  • They’re inconsistent
  • They don’t address communication issues
  • They are one-directional
  • Feedback is too subjective
  • They produce negative emotions

Those are some common knocks on performance reviews. Whether you’re getting them or giving them, they can be painful experiences, right? Well, they don’t have to be if there is a quality performance management system in place, says Sandra Wiley, COO of Boomer Consulting, who teaches seminars on performance management and managing change in organizations.

What makes a quality performance management system? For one thing, says CPE Link instructor Wiley, “Individual goals should link to the firm’s broad, strategic objectives. A quality appraisal system will not only drive staff members to a higher level of commitment and achievement but will ultimately drive the firm to superior results.”

What is your beef with performance appraisals? What do you think would make them better experiences for all concerned?