Over the past three years as an online CPE provider, CPE Link’s national webcast audience has grown, mobile learning has also advanced.

Mobile learning (or m-learning) allows the student to access the information from virtually anywhere—which supports today’s widespread work-from-anywhere lifestyle. It is an especially good fit for today’s accountant.

Given the popularity of tablet devices for both work and play, it was a natural evolution that we use tablets for learning as well. They are portable and so easy to use. To participate in one of CPE Link’s live webcasts using a mobile device, the user simply downloads the “Adobe Connect Mobile” app onto his/her device—Apple iOS or Android. On the day of the webcast, the learner logs in to join the class. The Adobe Connect app launches automatically. There are minor differences for the mobile user–such as the way to answer a polling question and toggle back to the main presentation view. But, overall the webcast experience is the same using the mobile app as it is on a PC.

Seeing the number of mobile users in its webcasts grow, CPE Link quickly responded by gearing up to support these attendees. Webcast hosts tested both Apple and Android devices, added instructions for mobile participants to the FAQ web page, and primed the customer service team to answer questions.

Mobile learning is here and CPE Link is ready!