Do any of these complaints sound familiar?

1. I have too many requirements to keep track of.
2. It’s the 21st century for Pete’s sake—I shouldn’t have to keep paper files of certificates anymore.
3. Requirements keep changing. I’m afraid I’ll miss something.
4. I want to be more efficient. I wish it was easier to tell which courses will meet multiple requirements.
5. I have a career learning plan and I have CPE requirements. I wish they meshed better and reinforced each other
6. I’m a firm admin and have to manage the requirements of scores of professionals. A spreadsheet just doesn’t cut it.
7. I often end up scrambling for courses at the last minute. I wish I could check my status as I go.
8. I get so busy. Reminders about CPE deadlines would really help
9. Lucky me, I “won” the audit lottery. I wish I were more confident that I’ve done everything required.

These are some of the problems we hear about from professionals, like you, who take our courses. If any of above common laments sounds familiar, we invite you to check out CPE Link’s Compliance Manager. It just might be the solution you’re looking for.

What’s your biggest issue managing your CPE compliance?