As December 31 draws near, CPE Link is hearing from more and more people intending to take the RTRP exam soon. They need help preparing for the IRS exam. And they need their 15 hours of CPE this year!

Above all else, though, this group of tax professionals is really looking for guidance and support. Some are unsure of what they need to do and how it all works. CPE Link customer service takes the time to help this group feel more comfortable as they forge ahead to take their exam and meet their CPE requirements.

And I have to say, they are very appreciative of the help:

“Thanks for your RTRP class. I passed on my first attempt and your class was a big help!!” Robyn from Pennsylvania

“Just a quick note to thank you for your assistance in passing my RTRP exam. I took advantage of your Ultimate value package especially the 2 day resource and Wiley’s. I thought that 1/2 of the exam was hard and 1/2 was very easy. There were a number of questions that immediately came to my head because of things you said during the 2 day course. Thanks again.” Larry from Michigan

“Love Eva! The end of the training went really fast and my head was spinning. I missed some details. Luckily I can go back and listen to the recorded training. This is my first experience with this kind of training and I did enjoy it. ” Jennie from Colorado

“Excellent course and very beneficial. The inside knowledge of the exam and its structure was extremely helpful.” Marlena from Michigan

“Eva is a well qualified instructor and puts forth an attitude that encourages learning. She is just very well liked and knowledgeable. What a combination- Unbeatable.” Doyle from North Carolina

“Eva Rosenberg presented her material in a way that kept my interest. I feel confident that this course will help me pass the exam.” Cynthia from Pennsylvania

CPE Link would like to wish all the RTRPs out there –
Good luck on your exam!

And please let us know how we can help with RTRP exam prep or CPE.